When we last wrote our email audience, we let you know that the Longmont Performing Arts Initiative is looking for 75 members of our community who want to help with a donation of $1,000 or more. The funds will go toward our portion of the cost of a feasibility study for a new performing arts center and convention facility in Longmont. Gifts of all amounts are appreciated, and special recognition will be granted to those who give $1,000 or more.

Our goal is to raise $75,000 by 6/01/2019
so the feasibility study can start soon.
The total is currently about $18,000 in donations and pledges, including those from all of the
LPAI member organizations.

The RFP for the feasibility study was sent out in early March for responses with a due date of March 31st. Responses were sent to Visit Longmont, who is managing the process.

Visit Longmont shared the RFP responses with all of the MOU parties this week, including LPAI. All are reviewing in preparation for the RFP Selection Committee meeting in a couple of weeks. (Who are the MOU parties? Click here) At the meeting, the committee will choose the firm(s) who will complete the study.

We launched a new website! The website has launched with 2 pages, with more to come. Visit the site at: www.LongmontCenter.org & keep watch for new content! We encourage you to spread the word about this website to your friends and family, asking them to also sign up for the email updates about the project.

We launched a new Facebook page! For the proposed performing arts center and convention facility, you’ll find a new Facebook page at Facebook.com/LongmontCenter. We hope you will ‘like’ the page and share it with your Facebook friends.

We have an amazing opportunity to begin something that will not only benefit ourselves, our families, our community and our region now, but far into the future as well.

Your tax-deductible gift through the designated fund at the Longmont Community Foundation helps us start the feasibility study. To donate, click on the ‘Donate’ at the top of the screen.

If you prefer to donate by check, please make it out to “Longmont Community Foundation” and send it to:
Longmont Community Foundation
636 Coffman, Suite 203
Longmont, CO 80501
Please put a note in the envelope as to which fund the money should go to OR write the fund in the memo field on the check. The fund name is ‘The Friends of the Longmont Cultural and Performing Arts Center Fund’.

Finally, if you are over 70.5 years age and have a traditional IRA or 401 (k) retirement account, you may be able to donate directly to the Longmont Community Foundation (Friends of the Longmont Cultural and Performing Arts Center Fund) without incurring income taxes on the distribution. Please consult your tax professional to confirm.

We thank you in advance for your generous support,
The Longmont Performing Arts Initiative

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