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Longmont needs a dedicated venue for the performing arts to enjoy a thriving local performing arts scene and attract performing groups who tour regionally & nationally.

Let’s Make Longmont a Regional Center for the Performing Arts!

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$75,000 Goal


The Feasibility study is Funded!

We Have the Unique Opportunity to Make Longmont a Regional Center for the Performing Arts

We currently lack sufficient performance venue availability and suitability. This means our community is losing out on potential revenue from local performing arts related activities right now. This does not even take into account the potential revenue we could be benefiting from if we had a cultural and performing arts facility of the caliber that would attract regional and national performers.

With a state-of-the-art performing arts center built to accommodate the needs of “future Longmont“, using the information we’ve gleaned from other communities who have successfully built similar facilities, the increasing financial benefit for our community would be in place for the long term. We have the golden opportunity to fulfill an important niche that is currently missing in our community and our region.

As we endeavor to describe Longmont’s “brand” could we do any better than identifying Longmont as THE Front Range region’s center for the performing arts?

Longmont has a unique opportunity – right now – to move forward with a state-of-the art facility and become the regional center for the arts. We can create a legacy to be proud of today and the future.

How We Got Here

Longmont Performing Arts Initiative (LPAI) Formed – June, 2017

Member group representatives begin to meet on a monthly basis.

LPAI presentation to City Council – May, 2018

Representatives present to Council at the annual retreat session regarding the need for a performing arts center.  This dovetails with City goal 3B: for Longmont to become a nationally recognized geographic center of science, technology, engineering, education, arts, and entrepreneurialism.

Community conversation on the arts in longmont – September, 2018

LPAI members and supporters present the need
for a performing arts center to select members of the community at an event hosted by the Longmont Museum.

LPAI researches other facilities nationally – September-October, 2018

LPAI works to discover what successful facilities have in common along with identifying common problems less successful facilities deal with.

Physical design requirements – november, 2018

LPAI representatives convene to discuss the physical design requirements of the performing arts center to meet existing and future needs of our performing arts groups and potential regional and national performers to prepare for the feasibility study.

LDDA “Building Better Cities” – November, 2018

LPAI member attends the Longmont Downtown Development Association’s “Building Better Cities” meeting to discuss Public- Private Partnerships


Rotary Club presentation – January, 2019

LPAI presentation to Longmont Rotary Club to introduce the potential performing arts center project.

City Council Annual Retreat – February, 2019

Members of LPAI give presentations explaining the community’s need for and benefits of building a performing arts center to the Longmont City Council at their annual retreat.


City Council Approves MOU – February, 2019

Longmont City Council approves the Memorandum of Understanding pertaining to their participation in the funding for the feasibility study.


LPAI Development Committee Launches ’75 in 75′ Drive

To fund LPAI’s portion of the feasibility study cost as outlined in the MOU, LPAI’s Development Committee launches the ’75 in 75′ drive.  The aim of the campaign is to raise a total of $75,000 by June 1, 2019.


Happening Now



Welcome to the Longmont Center website. This website is the informational resource for understanding the need for a performing arts center in Longmont, and how you can be a part of this extraordinary, historic project!  Here is a bit of background: The Longmont...

Community Kickoff Meeting for the Feasibility Study – October 2

Community Kickoff Meeting for the Feasibility Study – October 2

Community Kickoff Meeting for the Performing Arts/Conference Center Feasibility Study 10/02 at the Longmont Museum's Stewart Auditorium, 5pm-7pm You Are Invited! You are cordially invited to attend the first community meeting to provide you with more...

75 in 75 is Funded – Thank you!

75 in 75 is Funded – Thank you!

75 in 75 is FUNDED Thank you! Over the 75 days leading up to June 1, the Longmont Performing Arts Initiative has been seeking $75,000 in donations.  The funds will go toward our portion of the cost of a feasibility study for a new performing arts center and convention...

MATCHED – Matching Funds Act 2 Raised the Full $5k

MATCHED – Matching Funds Act 2 Raised the Full $5k

Matching Funds, Act 2 is MATCHED Thank you to all who contributed to our most recent matching funds drive. We were able to raise the full $5,000 and gain the matching funds! Donations are still accepted through Saturday, June 1 for the 75 in 75 campaign. Click here to...

You Directly Impact Your Community

Your gift takes us all one step closer to opening the door of the new longmont center!

Donate at the Longmont Community Foundation

The feasibility study is a doorknob of sorts.  You won’t get into the building without it.  It’s as important to the project as constructing the building itself.

- Bob Balsman

LPAI Coordinator

Our Partners in the Feasibility Study MOU

LPAI Member Organizations

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Donations to the Longmont Performing Arts Initiative are tax deductible

LPAI will soon become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  All of the member groups are already nonprofits.  Until then, the Longmont Chorale is acting as fiscal agent for LPAI.  The mailing address & Tax ID:

LPAI, c/o Longmont Chorale
P.O. Box 902
Longmont, CO  80502-0902
Tax ID: 74-2496901

Donations to the designated fund at the Longmont Community Foundation are tax deductible

Funds for the feasibility study are donated through our designated fund at the Longmont Community Foundation, a tax exempt public charity.  The mailing address & Tax ID:

Longmont Community Foundation
636 Coffman St., Suite 203
Longmont, CO  80501
Tax ID: 46-3894713

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